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This circuitous route through the small Larnaka gorge and climb to the peak of Strongyla, west of the town of Molai, begins just south of  Molai’s central square on a narrow surfaced road – follow the sign – leading southwest to the old abbatoir. The route continues along a cobbled path through the Larnaka gorge.crossing little bridges and wooden staircases. After crossing another cobbled path, the route continues up through the main section of the gorge along the stream bed – here there is no distinct path. In some places ropes have been placed to aid hikers.

Pass by three watermills; two at the beginning are in quite good condition. After some 1,100 m from the beginning of the route, the path leaves the stream bed to climb its righthand bank. After 150 m is the little church of the Virgin (Panayitsa).   Another 130 m along an unsurfaced road above the church takes you to a sharp left turn, where the path continues northwest, at first winding through a stream bed, to climb to the peak of Strongyla. About 320 m further on, the path leaves the stream bed and winds further up the right bank. Passing under rocks, it leads to a ridge about 700 m further on, and a junction with another path. Folllow the narrow path leading east for about 200 m to a rock with a view over Molai. The main ascent to Mt. Strongyla continues up along the slope to the northwest, reaching the peak (915 m) with its altitude marker and telecommunications antenna, 1,125 m later. Climbers are rewarded with a splendid view that takes in the Laconian gulf, Mt. Taygetus and Mt. Parnon.

To return to Molai, go back to the junction of the paths, then pass a thicket of Kermes oak (pournaria) down to the northeast; After crossing a stream bed, the path turns southeast. After 1,730m it emerges onto a narrow unsurfaced road above Molai’s senior citizens’ home and the church bearing a large cross, a prominent landmark above Molai. Follow the road 440 m south west to a surfaced road; continue to the left and west (east and right leads to the chapel of Panayitsa). The north side of Molai’s main square is some 895 m further on.

Category Mountain trek
Route Circuit
Length (m) 6,479
Terrain (m) Path 5,147
Unsurfaced road 576
Surfaced road 1,026
Altitutde (m) start 210
finish 210
Altitutde (m) lowest 210
highest 915
Slope (average %)  
Overall directionς NW
Difficulty 3 (1-5)   altaltalt
Signposts FEW
Beauty 3 (1-5)   altaltalt
Drinking water NO
Vegetation 3 (1-5)   altaltalt
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