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This route links the X2 (Kyparissi-Kremasti) and the X3 (Harakas Kyparissi), crossing the small plateau of Babala, at one time the site of a settlement that was the focus of  Kyparissi’s livestock and farming industries, comprising a large scattering of huts and the little church of Aghios Ioannis. An uphill path begins a short distance above the old mill and the chapel of the Panayia, near the settlement of Vrysi, following the X3 for some 3,800 m. An alternative starting point is 1,000 m higher up the road on a sharp bend. The route continues on to Babala on a relatively wide path, narrowing as it passes terraced fields up to an altitude of 950m. It then turns downhill past a goatherd’s hut. After a total distance of about 5,060 m it reaches route X2. On the left the path leads to Kremasti, on the right to  Kyparissi.


Category Mountain trek
Route Trek
Length (m) 8,738
Terrain (m) Path 8,738
Unsurfaced road -
Surfaced road -
Altitude (m) Start 205
Finish 850
Altitude (m) Lowest 205
Highest 955
Slope (average %)  
Overall direction S, then NW
Difficulty 3 (1-5)  
Signposts VERY FEW
Beauty 3 (1-5)  
Drinking water NO
Vegetation 3 (1-5)  
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